Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to reach thousands of people with my speeches, workshops and videos. Whether you’re a business, conference, corporation or college, I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event.

Inspiring. Energetic. Fun.

Estefania is an energetic Speaker and Transformational Coach on a mission to
inspire leaders all over the world to fulfill their potential and embrace their inner power.

Estefania moved to the United States when she was only 13 and quickly broke through all the “typical” walls that hold young immigrants back. She dedicated her life to achieving academic and professional success by focusing on giving 100% and more in her academic life. Her focus and tenacity led her to graduate as number nine in a class of 457 students and with a Associate’s Degree under her belt right out of High School– all this, only five years after arriving to the US with very little knowledge of the culture and language .

She completed a four year degree with all expenses covered through Academic scholarships and graduated with High Honors from the Univeristy of Central Florida.  She majored in Marketing with a concentration in Leadership Studies. She has worked for companies like Citibank Latin America and Mexico, University of Central Florida Career Services, the UCF College of Business, and a successful Marketing firm in South Florida.

After 2 years in the field of Marketing she reinvented herself and followed her lifelong passion of becoming a Transformational Coach and Speaker. Today she works with youth and women to help them discover purpose and monetize their passion.

She is a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Strategic Intervention Coach formed under the Robbins Madanes Training. Her story inspires women and youth online and on campus through her vibrant energy and powerful delivery!

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Living ON Purpose – 3 Life Hacks to More Passion, Harmony, and Impact!

The 3 simple steps I share in this inspirational talk  give the audience applicable tools to start living life with more passion and fulfillment today. Based on the New York Times Best Seller The Passion Test, this formula has changed the lives of many people across the world. Great for college students, employees and entrepreneurs.

Delivered as: Keynote or Workshop

7 Steps to Cash-in on Your Passion

Imagine putting your talents at the service of those who need them AND are willing to pay you. I explain exactly what it takes to monetize passions based on market needs and each person’s values/abilities. Listeners will walk away with a clear road map to make money and impact in the world doing what they love.

Delivered as: Workshop or Short Talk

NO Success without Fulfillment

“Success without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure” Tony Robbins

A study by Gallup found  that 70% Americans are dissatisfied with their lives.In this talk I tell the story of how I  achieved success in my career, but found myself feeling disappointed for climbing up the wrong ladder. I also share practical steps to help others find that sweet spot where success  and true fulfillment meet!

Delivered as Keynote (can be modified for Workshops)

More programs available upon request.

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  “She is engaging and the power of her being able to transfer her energy empowers the students so they actually can see someone from their community as confident as her. She is an inspiration for all, I would highly recommend her to everyone.”  

Margaret Choppa, International Business Teacher at Treasure Coast High School.

 “Estefania’s energy does nothing but flow right into your heart. I felt an immediate connection to the class and it is very useful. There is so much to take away from this class other than your passions” Sheila Suarez-, Seminar Participant

Book Estefania for your next event: hello@estefaniaviso.com