Catholic Speaking

God responded to her prayer overnight, and unleashed a faith journey that has touched the lives of thousands!

Estefania Viso’s mission is to inspire believers to call on the the Holy Spirit as their #1 helper in their walk with Christ.

She shares how the Holy Spirit helped her go from doubtful to faithful through a beautiful chain of events. Her story demonstrates that God is  approachable and alive. She includes easy to understand examples of how to easily  allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our Faith journey.


The Power of Confirmation

In this talk, I relate real life examples of how powerful the Sacrament of confirmation can be in our lives. The audience will learn about the special gifts of the Holy Spirit from Estefania’s story. She is relatable and entertaining which makes it easy for youth and young adults to deepen their knowledge of the faith while being able to apply new information to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

Live out your God given Purpose

The audience will learn how to get clear and take action to fully live in their purpose with 5 simple steps. They’ll discover which spiritual tools they can use to stay committed to their purpose. This talk is fun and includes anecdotal experiences that uplift the audience and inspires them to be faithful to God’s plan for their lives.

Unleashing  the Power of the Holy Spirit

Following the Holy Spirit changed my life completely. Now I share how I have come to learn to listen and follow his leadership in order to follow God’s will for my life. Young people can use this as a guide to open their hearts to the power of the Holy Ghost and unleash their true divine nature in all areas of their lives.


“Estefania easily related to the teens that attended. Her talk was practical and easy to comprehend and put into practice. Estefania’s sense of humor is a great part of her talks and put everyone at ease. I hope Estefania will consider coming back to speak and share her knowledge.”  Donna Caiazzo, Director of Religious Education, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

As seen in:

University of Central Florida, Catholic Campus Ministry

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,  Port St. Lucie, FL

Holy Family Catholic Church, Indiantown, FL