3 Silent Enemies of Success

3 Silent Enemies of Success

3 Silent Enemies of Success

3 Silent Enemies of Success

We all want to be successful! But many of us don’t realize there are 3 SILENT enemies blocking our success!

Ready to learn which silent enemy might be keeping you away from achieving your goals?

1. Doubt

It is very common to see how doubt paralyzes us and keeps us from moving forward. We all have to face doubt!

The key to overcoming doubt is to act inspite of all the thoughts and limitations that come to our minds. There is only a small percentage of people who take action in spite of their doubt.

We all have to deal with doubt. It is completely normal! Professional Athletes, Musicians and actors experience doubt as well.

I have always had doubts come to me when I decided to start something new. When I started my journey as a coach and passion test facilitator I had many doubts! I still doubt a lot of things I do.

We often get caught up in our doubts and go on with life believing that all the negative ideas and excuses we have in our heads are REAL.

Doubting that we can achieve our goals and dreams is very common. However many people are often Paralyzed by it.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela.

2. Distraction

Distraction is very sneaky and comes into our lives in ways in which we don’t even realize! Our society is constantly distracted. Nowadays, we have more distractions than ever!

Social Media use, TV, Netflix and other activities can keep us away from focusing on the things that will help us move forward. It is completely fine to spend some time doing the things that we like. It’s okay to use social media for recreation and watch TV, we just have to be careful and monitor the amount of time we spend giving into this fun distractions. Always finding a healthy balance.

Identify the distractions and re-focus your attention on the activities that will bring you good results and help you stay on track.

Focus on what matters and admit that you do have the time to work on that goal you set for yourself. It is key do tackle distraction sooner than later because time will go by and we might encounter ourselves regretting all the time we wasted.

3. Procrastination

The false belief that there will be a better moment in the future to take that action we should take today. Something will happen, the perfect moment, will come in the future and not today.

The real deal is that the moment is today! Today is the most appropriate time to get things done. Don’t fall into the trap of procrastination. It is basically fear camouflaged with “an educated guess” of potential opportunities of the future.

The key to facing procrastination it to begin today! We have to start that one thing today, even if it is a small step.

Because what often happens is that time will still go by and we will end up in the same place 5 or 10 years from now. Probably frustrated and discouraged.

Now that you are aware of these silent enemies, get on up and get started on your next big thing!

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